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Situation Worsens: 17.7 Million Impacted by China’s Floods; Bubonic Plague Re-emerges in China

China now has cases of the Bubonic Plague, the Black Plague, which was recently confirmed in Inner Mongolia. This adds to the resurgence of the new coronavirus in Beijing and other parts of China, and to reports of a new type of swine flu that Chinese scientists say has “pandemic potential.”

And floods in China are growing more serious, and are impacting at least 17.7 million people. So far, in the floods in 26 provinces and regions, there are high alerts on 309 rivers, and 45 of the rivers have exceeded their flood protections. Of them, 12 rivers have surpassed historical floods.

The disasters are ongoing. State-run news outlets Xinhua published a warning on July 6 of a megaflood in the lower and middle reaches of the Yangtze River. Mudslides caused by the heavy rains on July 2 in Zhangjiajie washed away homes and washed away a school with students. Local reports from CiLi County say that dozens of homes were destroyed and at least 10 people were missing, but details are still unconfirmed.

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