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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to Resign; Virginia Police Prevent Possible July 4 Shooting

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is stepping down. Johnson was facing pressure from members of his own party to resign after a series of allegations came to light.

Police in Virginia prevented a possible shooting on the fourth of July. Thanks to a tip from what they call a hero citizen.

Over 400 fugitives are taken off the streets of New York City. It’s part of a nationwide operation targeting communities with high levels of violence.

Topics in this episode include:

1. U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson Set to Resign
2. Police Prevent Possible July 4 Shooting in Richmond, VA Thanks to Tip
3. Over 1,500 Fugitives Arrested Nationwide Last Month, Over 400 in NYC
4. Highland Park July 4 Shooting Suspect Confessed to Police: Prosecutor
5. More Than $2 Million Raised for Toddler Orphaned by Highland Park Shooting
6. Los Angeles DA opponents Submit Recall Signatures
7. Explosion Rocks Georgia Guidestones, Dubbed ‘America’s Stonehenge’
8. Great Salt Lake Hits New Historic Low Water Level
9. South Dakota Sky Turns Eerie Green as Storm Sweeps Over
10. President Joe Biden to Rescind Afghanistan as Non-NATO Ally
11. U.S. Gifts Multiple Rocket Launch System to Ukraine
12. Europol Arrests Suspects for Smuggling Migrants
13. FIFA Introduces New Offside Technology
14. Champion Adaptive Surfer Overcomes Adversity and Inspires Others
15. Screaming Chipmunk ‘Whisperer’ Goes Viral

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