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Whistleblower On China’s NGO Faces Serious Threats; Generals Pushback On Xi Jinping; 4th Wave Formed

A whistleblower in a Chinese Red Cross scandal has issued a call for help. Jiang Pengyong exposed how the Chinese Red Cross has been reselling virus protective gear that it receives through donations. Jiang said in an interview that he had previously decided to do business with the Chinese Red Cross, and since exposing its crimes he has received death threats, and has been threatened with jail time.

Meanwhile, Xi Jinping’s “wolf warrior” diplomacy is getting pushback from hard-liners in the Party leadership, who believe it’s more effective for the regime to use a strategy from former Party leader Deng Xiaoping to “hide our capability and bide our time.”

Among Xi’s two main critics are two PLA hawks, including retired Major General Qiao Liang, author of “Unrestricted Warfare”, which proposed a form of unconventional war to dominate other countries by weaponizing open systems including in culture, economy, and ideology.

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