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Xi Jinping Sends Veiled Message About “Emperor” of China Plans; TikTok Using Banned Method to Spy

Xi Jinping, the leader of the Chinese Communist Party, allegedly sent a veiled message in a recent manifesto suggesting he intends to be leader for life. This was included in a statement on the fifth plenary session of the 19th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, which will be held in Beijing in October. The announcement was carried by the CCP mouthpiece news outlet, Xinhua.

It stated that attendees will assess the proposals for the next five year plan, which goes until 2025, and stated they’ll also assess “future targets for 2035.” Nikkei noted that many China watchers took the note about 2035 as a secret code suggesting that Xi intends to stay in power at least for the next 15 years, when he turns 82 — the same age that Mao Zedong died at. Xi previously did away with term limits.

And as the US moves forward to ban the app, the Wall Street Journal has recently discovered that TikTok had been using methods banned by Google, to bypass security safeguards in the Android operating system to collect unique information from millions of mobile devices. It said this data would allow TikTok to track users online without users being able to opt out.

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