Judge: 14-Year-Old Responsible for Starting Fire That Killed Grandpa, Hurt Grandma

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Willamina (KPTV)—A 14-year-old boy is responsible for starting a fire that killed his grandpa and injured his grandma in Willamina, Oregon, according to a judge.

In court June 21, Nicholas Aulig was found to be within the jurisdiction of the court on all of the charges he’s facing. That’s the juvenile court equivalent of a guilty verdict.

This is all for a fire he started at his grandparent’s house in Willamina in June last year. The fire killed his 79-year-old grandpa, Dieter Aulig, and burned his grandma, Theresa Aulig.

The 14-year-old was found within the jurisdiction of the court on two counts of murder, two counts of arson in the first degree and aggravated theft in the first degree.

Detectives believe the boy and two other teenagers conspired to steal $50,000 from his grandparents. The two others are also facing murder charges connected with the fire on Southwest Tenbush Lane.

FOX 12 spoke to the dad of one of them in court Friday. The man did not want to go on camera but said this has been very difficult for them and said he’s just glad it’s almost over.

His son, Jacob Brooks, and the other teen, Gerald Wayne Wolfe, are still awaiting trial. They’re expected to appear in court in September. Aulig has a hearing scheduled for July to determine what’s next for him.

Judge Says Oklahoma Teenager Charged in Parents’ Deaths Not Competent

Last week, an Oklahoma judge says a 19-year-old man accused of fatally shooting his parents and who is described by his attorney as “very mentally ill” isn’t competent to be tried for first-degree murder.

Michael Elijah Walker was remanded to the custody of the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services on Wednesday, June 19 and was committed to a state mental health hospital for treatment.

Walker is charged in the March 4 shooting deaths of 50-year-old Michael Logan Walker and 44-year-old Rachel Walker at their home in the Oklahoma City suburb of Edmond.

An affidavit says Walker’s sibling told police his older brother “shot their parents because they were sending him messages telepathically and they were Satan worshippers.”

Michael Walker’s defense attorney, Derek Chance, on Thursday called Walker “acutely paranoid and delusional.”

Michael Logan Walker’s sister, Maya Walker, made a brief statement to reporters on March 12 following funeral services for the slain couple, alluding to her nephew’s mental difficulties.

“Please see it soon enough before it happens to your family because all of us now in hindsight are realizing the pieces we’re putting together now, we didn’t recognize,” she said.

“We hope and pray for the best possible outcome (and) for Eli, my nephew, to get the best care possible,” Walker said.

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