‘Lois & Clark’ Star Eddie Jones Passes Away at 84

By Paula Liu

“Superman” star Eddie Jones, who played Jonathan “Pa” Kent on ABC’s “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” has died. He was 84.

His wife, Anita Khanzadian-Jones, told The Hollywood Reporter he died at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on July 6.

The cause of death has not been revealed.

The Interact Theater Company wrote in a Facebook post:”Our treasured longtime member, dear friend and trusted colleague, Eddie Jones, passed away today.”

The company stated that Jones had been with the company since its earliest days and had been an essential and important part of the company.

“An actor of keen wit and sharp instinct, when Eddie was on stage, you couldn’t take your eyes off him,” the Facebook post read. “When he was off-stage, his broad, bright smile would light up the room. Everyone who knew Eddie as a friend, or had the food fortune to share the stage with him, was touched by his gentle and generous nature. He will be deeply missed by all. ITC extends its deepest condolences to his dear, devoted wife Anita Khanzadian Jones, and extended family. May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest, Eddie.”

Fans, stage actors, and actresses have expressed their condolences for his passing on the comments in the Facebook Post, echoing the words written in the post, calling Jones a kind and wonderful man.

“Oh, what a sad, sad day. Such a huge loss of such a brilliant, generous actor and kind human being,” one person wrote in the Facebook comments. “We weren’t close, but I feel privileged to have known Eddie, and to have briefly worked with him. My condolences to his dear, devoted wife, Anita Khanzadian Jones. My heart goes out to her.”

Nancy Boykin wrote: “This is shocking and devastating news. What a loss to the theater, to Anita and to the Interact family. Eddie was simply an inspiration. His Willy Loman was never to be forgotten. When he spoke as a character it came from a deep place. I have been away for awhile but Eddie is fresh as can be in my memory. Love to all.”

According to Comic Book, throughout his 45-year career in ITC, he appeared in over 250 plays, and had been playing various different roles on the stage. The media outlet reported that despite having a charming personality, it wasn’t until later on when he entered mainstream theater, he landed his role as Jonathan “Pa” Kent on “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman,” the role that launched him into popularity.

“Lois & Clark” is based on the DC comic, but it was set in a timeline where Jonathan and Martha were still alive and very much integrated into the lives of their son and Lois Lane, playing an active role overall—one of many various timelines where the Kents were alive, according to Comic Book. In this parallel timeline, the two have integrated themselves into Clark’s life ranging from helping him design his costume to his romantic life with Lois Lane. Additionally, they were added into the show for comedic purposes, considering that the world they lived in was slow-moving and not like that of Superman’s in which everything is fast-paced.

Kryptonsite reported that Jones was a series regular on the show for all of its four seasons.

Following that Jones played various roles in “Invisible Man,” “Ghost in the Shell,” and “Veep.” His role as Charles Borden in “The Official,” also ran for a long time. He was also a part of “A League of Their Own.”

According to the ITC website, he also played characters in various Broadway musicals, such as George Sikowski in “That Championship Season” and Sheriff McKinstry in “Devour the Snow.” He also played various other characters in a number of theaters.

According to Kryptonsite, Jones was the second major actor from the series “Lois & Clark” to pass away—Lane Smith, who played Perry White on the show passed away back in 2005.