Minnesota Boxing Club Owner Pushed to Brink

One boxing club owner in Minnesota has been pushed to the brink by the governor’s shutdown orders.  A Minnesota business Boxing business says it has taken enough hits from the lockdowns. But they are still fighting. Mark Royce and his wife began 2020 with three boxing clubs and a yoga studio. All four businesses were doing well before the first lockdown.

Mark Royce, General Manager of Strike Fitness, said: “We have literally called this a targeted assassination of small businesses. And through every state that has Democratic governors that have locked down, compared to conservative governors, it’s the same situation across the board. “

They’ve had to sell two of their boxing businesses. He estimates they’ve lost at least 800,000 dollars since March of last year. But for now, he’s going to open his business and teach classes—because that’s the only way he can make a living.