Prominent Human Rights Activist Chen Guangcheng Says Shen Yun


Prominent Chinese rights activist Chen Guangcheng is a longtime fan of Shen Yun.

After attending the performance this year at the Kennedy Center Opera House in Washington on April 17, his deepest take away was the feeling of joy for Shen Yun’s success, despite the Chinese Communist Party’s systematic attempt to sabotage Shen Yun around the world.

“It’s an amazing performance,” said Chen. “My deepest takeaway is, in these 10-plus years I’ve seen Shen Yun win the hearts of Americans from all segments of society. Looking back, no matter how the CCP has used threats and intimidation to prevent people from seeing Shen Yun, It seems that the CCP’s suppression can no longer be sustained.”

Valuing Traditional Chinese Culture

Although Chen has been blind since youth, he has always felt a strong affinity with Shen Yun’s music and the messages behind the music and the stories caused him to reflect deeply on life.

“The last act ‘The Final Moment’ portrays our society today. The story set in modern-day China is directly connected to what’s going on in society and people’s lives. So people watching the program will think about where they are going in life, and why they come here.”

“Shen Yun is not only an art performance, it actually portrays a very deep level of traditional divinely inspired Chinese culture, and I think It is worthwhile for the people today to reflect on,” he added. “I hope that people can, through Shen Yun, re-examine China’s divinely-inspired culture.”

Shen Yun reflects on the essence of thousands of years of its culture. Chen believes that it can be a useful guide for people all over the world.

“Traditional Chinese culture stands in stark contrast to prevailing trends in modern society that have emphasized material pleasure and the drive for fame and money, Chen added. “The whole society is chasing quick success without principles. It’s quite important to watch Shen Yun and tap into traditional Chinese culture to purify one’s heart, and return to the original true self.”

“It’s not just China, western society also has this downward slide. Humanity has fallen. It’s time for us to have a self-reflection.”

NTD News, Washington