Acclaimed Composer Fascinated and Moved By Shen Yun’s Orchestra

January 13, 2020

Boris Brott is one of Canada’s most internationally recognized composers, and an acknowledged luminary of orchestral music in Canada. He is the founder of the National Academy Orchestra of Canada and the Brott Music Festival.

I enjoyed it thoroughly,” said Boris Brott Acclaimed Composer. “The idea of combining ancient instruments, Chinese instruments, and modern classical instruments is something I find fascinating.

Monday night at the First Ontario Concert Hall was a new experience for Brott. An introduction to a new type of symphony featuring a combination of instruments, some of which he has worked with for decades, and others from ancient China.

“It creates a completely different combined sound,” said Brott. “And music basically touches our soul, which is not a part of our body we can see. And the expression of the stories is so well-told by the music, and the dancing is just spectacular.”

Brott’s musical accomplishments are long and varied. He is the founding music director and conductor laureate of the New West Symphony in Los Angeles, and artistic director and conductor of the McGill Chamber Orchestra in Montreal. 

He has been a guest conductor touring Italy and has been honored in Canada for his work by being made a member of the Order of Canada.

“This new film technique of being able to have the dancers disappear and reappear on the screen, I’m not sure how it works, but I’m interested to find out,” said Brott. “It’s like for somebody coming to an opera for the very first time. You take it in, of course, it’s marvelous to listen to it for the first time, but the more you know it, the more you get to see it, the more you’ll understand it more deeply.”

NTD News, Hamilton