Salford Audience ‘Uplifted’ After Feeling the Energy of the Performers

February 27, 2024

Shen Yun Performing Arts rounded off its UK tour for this year in Salford, Manchester. Members of the audience were impressed by the presentation of classical Chinese music and dance that left them feeling uplifted.

Gina Reynolds, the ceremonial mayor of Salford said it was “very uplifting, very spiritual.”

Claire Burnham, the assistant director of skills and enterprise on the Wigan Council said, “it was really uplifting – the story, and it kind of took you on a cultural journey, it was quite emotional I think – the whole performance!”

“It’s just been the most uplifting evening, and I think it’s great to see other people’s culture as well. It was really beautiful,” said Dallas Jones, a Councillor of the Stockport Council. “Thank you.”

The audience remarked on the incredible energy of the performers.

Councillor Jones says, “amazing amount of energy and it doesn’t flag at all during the whole show.”

David Walker, an architect, said that the performance was “incredible, absolutely astonishing and yet controlled energy. That was an amazing thing. I found it incredibly emotional and yet incredibly stimulating at the same time.”

“I think it comes from the soul really and that shines through,” said Emma Pearmaine, a lawyer.

New York based Shen Yun Performing Arts aims to revive traditional Chinese culture and values, but under China’s communist regime it is unable to perform there.

Mayor Reynolds added that “I think it’s sad really, because I think people should be able to see it and should be able to experience it.”

Councillor Jones says “I think it’s dreadful that it can’t be seen in China. I’m so glad that they are spreading the word around the rest of the world.”

I think it’s just such a tragedy that a show like that can’t be seen in its native country,” added Mr. Walker. “Absolutely tragic.”

NTD UK News, Salford, UK