Shen Yun Shows ‘The Beauty’ and ‘The Peace’ Says Director

May 4, 2019

George S. Anthony is a Director at Global Leaders Institute. He saw Shen Yun with his wife in Newark at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center on May 2.

He said he was mesmerized by the way the performers beautifully portrayed China’s divinely inspired culture.

“I think the most beautiful thing is that you see the essence of beauty, and the essence of history come together,” said Anthony. “I love the idea of going back and seeing let’s say the Ming dynasty come alive, vividly. At the same time the cultural and the poetic… The best way to explain it is it’s so fluid, so beautiful. So this it’s like history fluidly coming back to you almost like a stream. So it was something to behold, that’s how I looked at it.”

Anthony is also the director of Peace Dynamics, the Primary Representative of the United Nations’ Department of Global Communications, Pathways to Peace, and the Co-Chair to the International Day of Peace “UN Education Peace Team.”

He expressed his gratitude to the artistic director for sharing his uplifting message with the world.

“I just tell him, thank you for sharing and expressing in such a way the beauty of peace,” he added. “There is a definite connection to the idea of where we come from and what our ancestors gave us as a way of creating that connection. So that is evident, and that’s what you are trying to see and trying to create that connection. And there’s so much beauty in there and that’s what I was talking about, how the beauty flows. And that’s a spiritual connection as well.”

“It’s a universal message of beauty and it creates a kingdom of peace. So I think was done very well, it’s a very special time,” he said.

Hearing that Shen Yun can’t perform in China, he hopes that the regime will realize what it is missing.

“The question is China is trying to sort of take the world into the twenty-first century, but you cannot go forward unless you truly know the past, so it’s just a way of connecting the two to each other and then we can travel together,” he added.

NTD News, Newark, New Jersey