Toronto Audience Appreciates Shen Yun’s Heartfelt Message

April 11, 2023

Shen Yun Performing Arts has been amazing audiences in Toronto, Canada, since March 31.

First-time audience members and repeat visitors had similar reactions. Ballet School owner Anna Kovarsky saw Shen Yun for the first time.

“There are actually no words to describe how beautiful, majestic and pure this experience has been for me,” she said.

“It’s really breathtaking.”

Anna Roberts, a member of Parliament, has seen Shen Yun before, but she still said, “It’s just unbelievable.”

What she loved most was, “the dance, the coordination, the acrobats. It’s amazing to me to see all these young people being able to do such beautiful things. And the music is lovely,” she said.

Amy Vukov, a historical fiction writer, said she first saw the performance 14 years ago. “As always, I knew it would be great. And, it’s wonderful. It’s wonderful,” she said.

Ms. Vukov thought Shen Yun’s use of advanced technology improved the visual effects. She said she “really liked the animation this time. It was really unique and interesting.”

Wladyslaw Lizon, a former member of Parliament, has lost count of how many times he’s seen the show.

“Every year is a bit different. It’s very dynamic. Very interesting. It’s beautiful,” he said.

He enjoyed Shen Yun’s digital backdrop. “These visual effects, the new technology is just amazing,” he said.

Ms. Yukov was drawn to the spiritual aspects of China’s history.

“I feel like that’s one reason why I came to see this particular production. I was impressed with the theme,” she said.

“Without the spiritual center … I think people are lost. We can see that in our young people today, especially in the West.”

Shen Yun’s performances are a unique experience for every audience member.

Scott Davie, president of Davie Real Estate, said “It’s just an amazing experience.”

He said there are many “different working parts coming together.”

“It’s a very beautiful performance, the quality of the dance, the talent is just amazing. The costumes are just out of this world.”

Ms. Kovarsky also reacted to the details of the production.

“The music, the choreography, the implementation of movements, just the way it makes your heart feel very pure and wonderful.”

She attributed that pure feeling to the performers.

“The talent is godly,” she said. “The talent comes from something other than Earth. You know, it comes from something that is unexplainable. So it must be very majestic.”

Naj Hafizi, president of Sola Engineering, appreciated learning more about China.

“I think that for most people who don’t know much about Chinese, it certainly is very educational,” she said.

“You learn so much about the country’s culture and history and dance.”

Judy Rebelein, owner of The Bakery, said it’s “really nice when they do the little introduction to each piece. And then they go off and then the dancers come on.”

“it sort of sets you up so you know what you’re watching and what it’s going to be about. So very well done, it’s excellent,” she said.

Shen Yun’s mission is to revive the beauty and goodness of China’s 5,000-year history, a China before communism. Many of its performers escaped persecution in present-day China.

“To see what the Chinese people have gone through in this communism is very hurtful I think,” Ms. Roberts said.

Donato Prezioso, a business consultant, expressed his understanding of a bigger message in the show.

“We need to realize that it’s about understanding communism … communism takes away your freedom,” he said.

“And as godly people we’re all put on this earth to be free … free will for mankind. … And that’s where real energy, divine spirit, divine energy is from the Holy, from God. It’s not from man,” he said.

Mr. Lizon agreed, saying “the communist regime in China should end.”

Mr. Davie said supporting “Shen Yun is important for free speech and human rights.

“Certainly there’s an important story in China that’s not really being told—not everyone knows about it.”

Shen Yun stays in Toronto until April 9, with four more performances.

“I recommend everyone come and see it. I certainly enjoyed it. And I think so many other people will enjoy it as well,” Ms. Hafizi said.

“I recommend this show to be seen by the world,” Ms. Kovarsky said.

NTD News, Toronto, Canada