US Gave Chinese Firms $1.8 Billion in Subsidies

U.S. state and local governments gave billions in subsidies to Chinese firms, despite China being a major U.S. competitor.

We hear from an FCC commissioner about his letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook. He accuses Cook of hypocrisy and censorship.

Does the cure cost more than the illness? In Shanghai, locals are sharing stories of people who’ve died amid the city’s draconian lockdown measures.

From witnessing a historic appeal in China to making American goods through slave labor, a Philadelphia resident explains why one day in April holds special importance to him.

The FBI director talks about America’s greatest threat. And it isn’t Moscow, despite its war on Ukraine. Instead, the official singles out a country with an “unprecedented level of espionage.”

Topics in this episode:
FCC Commissioner Targets Apple Over China App Store
List of Unofficial Shanghai Deaths Shared Online
Significance of April 25 for This Philadelphia Man
FBI Head: China Poses Biggest Spy Threat
Non-infected Shanghai Locals Sent Away to Quarantine
Parents Taken for Quarantine, 2-Year-Olds Left Alone

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