Woman Involved in Tracy Morgan Bugatti Crash ‘Traumatized’

By Tiffany Meier

The woman involved in the crash that scratched up comedian Tracy Morgan’s new $2 million Bugatti said she was “traumatized” when he started yelling at her.

Jocelyn Madulid, 61, spoke to Page Six from her home in Jersey City a few hours after the crash happened. She said she had no idea who the comedian was.

“I was just curious. The people were taking pictures of him and the car,” she told Page Six.

“I asked the traffic officer, why people taking pictures and he said, ‘You don’t watch TV? That’s a famous guy,'” she said.

She still didn’t know his name. It wasn’t until a tourist bus came along that she found out what his name was.

“Then there was a double-decker bus and the tourist guide was saying: ‘Oh, that’s Tracy Morgan!'” she added.

Following the accident, Morgan was captured on video banging on the woman’s car window as he tried to get out of his car. He also yelled at her, which Madulid said frightened her.

“He was yelling at me, I got scared,” she told Page Six of Morgan. “I didn’t yell anything back. I just stayed in my car.”

Madulid explained that the accident happened on her way to work. She also said that Morgan was the one who hit her, not the other way around.

“We are both turning right—people are still crossing,” she said. “So what happened is we’re both turning right. But I know he hit me because I was already [turning] I was there, he was the one who hit me!”

She added that she was afraid her insurance bill would be exponentially expensive since Morgan was driving such a pricey car.

“I’m worried about that,” she said.

The Crash

The 50-year-old comedian had just purchased a 2012 Bugatti Veyron at Manhattan Motorcars on Tuesday, June 4, and was leaving with the brand new car when a Honda SUV tried to make a last-minute turn and sideswiped Morgan’s $2 million car, according to TMZ, which broke the news.

The accident occurred at around 1:30 p.m. on 10th Avenue and 42nd Street, according to Page Six.

“He said he got it literally an hour ago and he paid $2 million for it,” Chris Ricciardelli, who witnessed the accident, told Page Six. “He just bought it… and it’s pretty scraped up.”

He added that Morgan said “his left hip was hurting him.”

While the comedian was treated at an ambulance at the scene, witnesses told the publication Morgan seemed fine and was not transported to the hospital.

Morgan wrote about the incident on Twitter, assuring his fans that he was alright.

“Thanks for any concern but I am totally fine,” he wrote. “My NEW CAR? We shall see. Love you all.”