Woman Shoots 3 Troopers, Then Herself, at Chicago Cigar Lounge

Victor Westerkamp
By Victor Westerkamp
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Woman Shoots 3 Troopers, Then Herself, at Chicago Cigar Lounge
Handout photo of Retired Trooper Gregory Rieves who succumbed to his injuries after he was shot on Jan. 24, 2020, at the Humidor cigar lounge (Courtesy Illinois State Police)

A woman shot three Illinois State troopers, killing one and injuring two others before killing herself, in a cigar lounge in a Chicago suburb on Friday.

The suspect, who was identified as 51-year-old Lisa V. McMullan of Chicago, was sitting together with the three victims inside the Humidor’s media room watching a big television screen at the Humidor Cigar Lounge, which is located at 1600 Ogden Avenue in Lisle some 25 miles west of Chicago, at 10:12 p.m. on Friday.

McMullan then suddenly stood up “without apparent provocation” and fatally shot retired trooper Gregory Rieves, 51, who was sitting in front of her, in the back of the head. McMullan then fired at the other two victims, 48-year-old off-duty Trooper Kaiton Bullock, and 55-year-old retired trooper Lloyd Graham. She then turned the gun on herself.

Graham and Bullock were later transported to nearby hospitals and are said to be in serious but stable condition and are expected to recover. Rieves was also rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead. McMullan was found dead at the scene.

“The Illinois State Police family have heavy hearts this morning,” state police Director Brendan F. Kelly said in a statement, Associated Press reported. “We are mourning the loss of a retired trooper, and praying for a full recovery of both our active and retired officers. Please keep all our officers and families in your prayers in the dark and painful moment.”

The perpetrator and the victims were all acquainted with one another, though the exact relationship between the woman and the three men is unclear. Acting Lisle Police Chief Ron Wilke said, “I believe they know each other, but do not believe there is any relation.” However, McMullan and Rieves were more often seen at the Humidor together, Police said in an update on Facebook.

McMullan possessed an Illinois State-issued firearm owner’s identification and had no previous history with law enforcement, Lisle Police wrote in the update.

A total of seven bullets were fired, including the one McMullan used to take her own life, the update said.

Lisle Police Department also especially praised law enforcement officers who took great risk arriving on the scene.

“The quick thinking, decisive action by Lisle PD Officers and all responding personnel, in this case, is to be commended. They acted without regard for their own safety, and entered a chaotic and dangerous scene, not knowing what they were going to encounter,” it said on Facebook.

Rieves had served 22 years with Illinois State Police, ISP Director Brendan F. Kelly said at a press conference, according to ABC news.

The Humidor said in a statement on Facebook, “We look at all our customers as family, and we ask you to pray for the victim and the speedy healing of the injured.” The Lisle location will be closed Saturday, the shop said.