Blexit Rally Emboldens Conservative Minorities in Los Angeles

Sarah Le
By Sarah Le
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Blexit Rally Emboldens Conservative Minorities in Los Angeles
Host Candace Owens speaks at the first Blexit rally in Los Angeles on Jan. 20, 2018. (Sarah Le/The Epoch Times)

LOS ANGELES—The very first ever Blexit rally—celebrating the exit of Black Americans from the Democratic Party—was held at the Globe Theatre in downtown Los Angeles on Jan. 20.

The free event was hosted by Turning Point USA’s Candace Owens, who announced the movement in October at the Black Leadership Summit, a 3-day event geared toward young Black conservatives ahead of the Nov. 6 midterm elections.

The Los Angeles venue welcomed a full house of people of all colors who showed their support for Black and Latino Americans who left what they called the “Democratic plantation.”

“What changed my mind is being disillusioned with the Democratic party,” said Joy Villa, an outspoken conservative Black and Latina singer/songwriter, who attended the event. “I thought, ‘Oh yeah, I’m going to be a part of this system that is supposed to help me and my people.’ And realized it does not help anybody.”

Villa said President Trump has helped increase her awareness of issues she always knew were most important to her, and his willingness to challenge political correctness gave her courage to speak out. She also said there are a lot of minorities who tend to lean conservative, but they still may be afraid to even admit it.

“I have here friends that I brought today. They were scared to wear their MAGA hats. They’re scared to wear a T-shirt that says Blexit or to support something publicly, because they know. They work here, their lives could be on the line. Their jobs could be on the line. I get death threats. I get rape threats all the time,” she said.

At the rally, audience members wore colorful T-shirts and hats that said, “Make America Great Again,” “Blexit,” and “Liberals Can’t Bully Me.”

Owens said the event was like a “dream come true.”

“Tonight is really about having those conversations that the media refuses to have with us about what’s actually going on in our communities,” she said.

Owens said that for her, Blexit began when she was only five years old. She grew up in low-income housing, and once when she visited a friend’s house, she couldn’t believe how big or how nice it was.

“It’s not racism that’s keeping us out of the American dream. It’s the lies that we’ve been told that are keeping us out of the American dream,” she said.

She said there was one main person who first helped her transform her way of thinking, and that was Larry Elder, a Black radio host, writer, and attorney.

Elder gave the first speech of the evening at the rally. He said he was called a “boot-licking Uncle Tom” for his conservatism the first time he spoke on the radio. However, that hasn’t changed his beliefs.

“Take a magic wand and wave it over America and remove every smidgin of racism from the hearts of white Americans,” he said. “We still have a 50 percent inner-city dropout rate. We still have 73 percent of kids born outside of wedlock. We still have 25 percent of young Black men with criminal records, in jail, on probation, or on parole. What does that have to do with racism? It has everything to do with the breakdown of the family.”

“In fact,” he added, as the audience gasped, “during slavery, a slave was more likely to be raised under a roof with his biological mother and biological father than [a Black child] today.”

Other speakers included Pasadena mayor candidate Major Williams, Ann Coulter, Brandon Tatum, David Harris Jr., and Rob Smith.

Tatum, a former Tucson police officer who once made a Facebook video that got more than 70 million views, spoke about police relations with the Black community. He said the number of unarmed Black people killed by white police officers is much smaller than it might seem according to the media, and just because someone is unarmed does not automatically mean they’re not a potential threat.

“It’s more of a chance that you’ll get struck by lightening than for you to somehow get killed by a police officer as an unarmed Black person or Latino person,” he said.

In addition, Tatum said anti-police rhetoric can be dangerous to the entire community.

“The lies that they’re perpetuating is causing people to be more aggressive,” he said. “When you think that there’s people in your community that want to kill you, that want to harm you, [and] take your freedom away, it’s going to make you mad.”

Many other attendees at the event declined to be interviewed, but Villa said it was enough that they decided to come. She encouraged others to take a closer look at the Blexit movement.

“Even if you’re not going to wear a red hat, fine,” she said. “Go in a disguise, black sunglasses, but show up. You’re going to feel less alone. You’re going to realize there’s more of us out here.”

Other Blexit rallies are now being planned for Washington D.C., Chicago, and Dallas, according to the official website.

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