Crazy New Records Were Set on World Records Day

On World Records Day, Nov. 8, the Guinness World Records team honored a long list of people.

The Harlem Globetrotters, a U.S. stunt basketball team, set several records as usual. Bull Bullard performed the longest basketball shot made during a backflip at a distance of 58.1 feet.

“This is my first personal Guinness World Record so I’m going to cherish it like one of my own,” said Bullard while receiving the certificate.

Torch George from the same team set a new record with 32 under-the-leg tumbles while dribbling a basketball.

Torch George did 32 under-the-leg tumbles.
Torch George supported herself on one hand while dribbling a basketball with the other hand, between her legs. on Nov. 8. (Screenshot/Reuters)

In addition, Aaron Fotheringham of the U.S., who uses a wheelchair, broke a total of three separate records: the tallest quarter pipe drop-in (27.6 ft.), highest wheelchair hand plant (27.6 ft.), and farthest wheelchair ramp jump (70 ft.).

Officials who released the video urged people to not try this anywhere on their own.

Meanwhile, Doni Gales in Australia completed the most front split spins in a wind tunnel in one minute.

Doni Gales did front split spins.
Doni Gales did 55 front split spins in wind tunnel in one minute in Australia on Nov. 8. (Screenshot/Reuters)

Finally, in China, Jianyu Que solved a Rubik’s cube upside down in 15.84 seconds, and a group of people built the largest Lego brick ring sundial with a diameter of 9 ft 6 in.