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Facts Matter (Dec. 21): 95 Percent Vaccinated Cruise Ship Experiences Virus Outbreak; 48 Cases within a Week

Recently, it was reported that there was another COVID-19 outbreak onboard a cruise ship—despite the fact that all of the crew members and all of the adult passengers were fully vaccinated. This makes the second such outbreak within the last month.

Meanwhile, a panel of judges recently ruled in favor of scrapping the injunction that was blocking the vaccine mandate on private businesses—meaning that at this moment, the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate for private companies, specifically businesses that have more than 100 employees, can take effect. Although, the battle is not over yet because the Supreme Court is taking up the fight.

In fact, Justice Brett Kavanaugh just told the Biden administration that they have until the end of December to file all of their official responses to the myriad of challenges that have come from faith organizations, companies, as well as attorneys general from across the entire country.


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