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Facts Matter (March 22): 4,081 Deaths Removed From COVID State Registry Due to ‘Significant Overcount’ by Officials

In the previous episode, we discussed how the CDC very quietly removed about 72,000 deaths from their official COVID-19 death tracking website—supposedly due to a programming error. However, it’s worth noting that this type of COVID death number reduction is not limited to only the CDC. Case in point, Massachusetts’s Public Health Department recently announced that they will be lowering their official COVID death toll by about 15 percent in order to reduce what they called a significant overcount of the COVID deaths in their state.

Meanwhile, while I was in Florida, I took the unique opportunity to speak with the co-founders of GiveSendGo, the crowdfunding platform that was used by the Canadian truckers to raise millions of dollars after GoFundMe kicked them off. And we discussed the current state of financial cancel culture, as well as what can be done to fight back.

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