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Facts Matter (Sept. 21): Leaked Zoom Video Reveals Hospital Officials Discuss Scare Tactics Surrounding Vaccine

Let’s explore the unique approaches that governments, as well as private institutions, are using to get people vaccinated.

For instance, in North Carolina, a leaked video of a Zoom conference call among hospital staff has just surfaced. And in that video, it shows a doctor, the hospital’s director of marketing, as well as the hospital president discussing ways to inflate the COVID-19 numbers in order to scare people.

Meanwhile, in Israel, when the minister of health thought that he wasn’t being recorded, he spoke rather candidly about vaccine passports. And according to him, there is no medical justification for these passports and the only purpose of the passport system is to pressure citizens into vaccine acceptance.

And lastly, the U.S. Army is taking a different approach. According to a leaked PowerPoint slide, which was part of a presentation given to the soldiers to justify the vaccine mandate, it lists the seven tenets of Satanism.


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