Former Candidate for Congress Goes on Racist Twitter Tirade

By Colin Fredericson

A woman who ran for for Congress last year went on a Twitter rant, blaming white people for her problems and expressing disgust for the American flag.

Saira Rao’s Twitter timeline includes racist tweets that express hate towards white politicians in her own political party and white people in general.

“White people have done everything to make my life miserable. Yet I’m supposed to not hate white people?” wrote Rao in a Twitter post on June 3.

Rao ran for a spot in the U.S. House of Representatives for Colorado’s 1st Congressional District, The Denver Post reported. It was her first time running for political office. She lost in the Democratic Party primary to long-time incumbent Diana DeGette.

“The American flag makes me sick,” Rao tweeted on June 2.

Rao is a first generation American with family who came over from India, according to the Denver Post. She used to work as a Wall Street lawyer but now runs a book publishing outfit.

This isn’t the first time Rao has made racially charged statements over social media. Last year, not long after losing in the Democratic primary, she tweeted a link to a New York Times article titled “Should I Give Up on White People?” the Denver Post reported.

Rao types her response in the text area of the tweet.

“Short and long answer: YES.”

Rao has also accused the Democratic Party, the party she represented in her run for Congress, as being racist. She made the accusation in a Huffington Post article even before she decided to run for office.

She wrote a love letter breakup article titled “I’m A Brown Woman Who’s Breaking Up With The Democratic Party.” She talked about how Democrats ignore the issues of blacks and other minorities.

“I realize now that the love has been one-sided, unrequited. You’ve never recognized me, as a brown woman. You’ve taken my love, my money, my tokenism, with nary anything in return. You married the white woman and hooked up with me on the side,” wrote Rao.

She has written other tweets that expressed similar sentiments, including ones aimed at Nancy Pelosi, but she has since locked her Twitter account.

Rao also runs Race 2 Dinner. It is a service she provides where she seeks to educate white woman over dinner about how they have been oppressors.

“Dear white women, you have caused immeasurable pain and damage to Brown and Black women. We are here to sit down with you to candidly explain how you caused this pain and damage.

“We are not here to change anything. We are here to express the pain you have caused, white women. What you do after you leave the dinner is up to you. WE don’t care about your feelings. SIT WITH THAT FOR A MINUTE. Your feelings pale in comparison to the violence you have caused Black and Brown women.”

The Race 2 Dinner program began after Rao’s congressional campaign. The program’s website says its creation was inspired by the white women who Rao met while campaigning. These white women would tell Rao that they were not racist, according to the website. Rao and associate Regina Jackson decided to provide the service to explain to white women that they are racist, while having a meal.