Luisa Zissman Witnesses EasyJet Flight Attendant Threatening to Fine Family £100 For Standing Child

By Paula Liu

Luisa Zissman who stars on “The Apprentice” was traveling on an EasyJet plane to the UK from France. She witnessed a flight attendant threaten to charge a family $121 (£100) because their child was standing on the airplane seat, according to multiple reports.

She shared a video recording of the event with her followers in an Instagram post, according to Mirror. The caption read, “The first thing she said which I sadly didn’t get on camera was ‘IF YOU CAN’T CONTROL YOUR CHILD AND STOP HIM STANDING ON THE SEAT I WILL FINE YOU £100 FOR CLEANING’ the little boy didn’t even have shoes on!”

According to the Mirror, the flight attendant was unhappy with the family for not calming their child down. She threatened to charge a cleaning fee if the child continued standing on the seats.

Zissman said the little boy wasn’t wearing any shoes and was merely interacting with family members sitting behind him on the aircraft, according to Daily Mail.

The flight attendant could be heard saying, “He needs to stand on the floor but not on the seat. You need to make sure he is safe; I need to make sure he is safe.”

“For the record, the seatbelt sign was not on, this family were [sic] not English & their English was limited. It was totally out of order intimidating behavior. He wasn’t crying or making any noise or fuss, poor little mite & poor parents.”

In Zissman’s view, traveling on a plane with a child was difficult enough, and having a flight attendant “harassing you” on top of that made it even more difficult, according to Daily Mail. In her since-deleted Instagram post, she referred to the flight attendant as a jobsworth and accused her of having bad form.

“Travelling with children is so stressful, and all the bollocks about safety was a load of crap so she could attempt to justify her disgusting power trip,” Zissman said.

After Zissman posted the interaction, she received several messages from other families who’ve had an unfortunate exchange with the flight attendant in question, according to Daily Mail. In Zissman’s Instagram stories, she posted several interactions from parents and customers who were flying with EasyJet who have dealt with the woman before.

A picture of an EasyJet aircraft
A picture of a EasyJet aircraft. (David Mark/ Pixabay)

Some said that the flight attendant in question acted similarly regarding different issues, including an incident where a user alleged that the flight attendant told a man who was on his laptop that he threatened the safety of the flight.

She also shared conversations she had with other flight attendants on her Instagram stories. They said the same thing, commenting that the flight attendant was “a nightmare” and that no one wanted to work with her.

However, opinions were divided online, with some people voicing their agreement with the reality show star, and others defending the flight attendant.

“Well done that stewardess, parents control your children,” one user wrote, according to Metro.

“Parents must take responsibility and teach their kids right from wrong—sadly it is clear from young peoples behaviour [sic] these days that this isn’t happening,” another user commented, as Metro reported.

The airline spokesperson defended the actions of its employees saying the flight attendant was just trying to do her job. They apologized for the rude behavior, according to Daily Mail.

“It is clear from the video the crew member is concerned for the safety of the child, so we requested that they either stand on the ground or sit on the seat. We don’t charge customers for cleaning,” according to Daily Mail. “We are sorry if the manner in which the crew member explained this caused offense.”

“The safety of our passengers and crew is our highest priority,” the spokesperson said.