Newsmakers (Nov. 9): Update and Analysis on the Midterm Results

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In this episode, we have an update on the midterms. Control of Congress is still up for grabs. Republicans are projected to take the House, but only by a few votes, and the Senate is a toss-up. This is quite different from the red tsunami and red waves that were projected ahead of the midterms. It seems the polling data did not work well for the Republicans this time around. What went wrong? We’ll be touching on that with our guests.

We hear from Pete Hoekstra, former ambassador to the Netherlands and chair of the House Intel Committee, who covers national security and intelligence issues; Hogan Gidley, director for the Center for Election Integrity at the America First Policy Institute, as well as former deputy press secretary for President Donald Trump; Ken Blackwell, former Ohio state treasurer and secretary of state, who was also U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights under President George H. W. Bush; Gordon Sondland, former U.S. ambassador to the European Union; China expert Gen. Robert Spalding, who will talk about what Republican wins in Congress will mean for China relations; and Dr. Scott Atlas, who will explore what the next step for the political parties could be on pandemic measures.

1. Update and analysis on the midterm results
2. Next steps in National Security for the U.S.
3. China relations after Republican wins in Congress
4. What’s next for pandemic measures in the U.S.