Representative for Mother of Maleah Davis Drops Her, Says Her Story Has Inconsistencies

By Zachary Stieber

The man who was representing the mother of missing 4-year-old Maleah Davis said that he’s dropped her as a client.

Quanell X was representing Brittany Bowens, the mother of the girl, who went missing in early May.

When asked why he wasn’t representing Bowens any longer, Quanell X told KPRC that Bowens’ story about what happened to the girl contains inconsistencies.

The activist told KHOU that he thinks Bowens wasn’t being honest about what happened.

Maleah Davis
Maleah Davis. (Houston Police)
Surveillance footage captured Derion Vence walking out of his apartment with a blue laundry basket containing a full trash bag. (CNN)

Bowens’ ex-fiance Derion Vence was arrested on May 11 and charged with tampering with evidence after surveillance footage showed him carrying a laundry basket with a full trash bag inside out of the family’s apartment after Maleah was last seen.

Vence claimed that he was with Maleah and his 1-year-old son on May 4 when they were accosted in Houston by three men he described as Hispanic. He said they knocked him out and when he came to he and his son were in Sugar Land and Maleah was gone.

But footage later showed him being dropped off at a hospital in the car that he said was stolen.

Authorities haven’t seemed to focus on Bowens and her potential involvement in what happened but Vence’s family has. Vence’s father said in a recent interview that she was at fault, declaring, “She has something to do with it, like he’s been set up in some type of way.”

Brittany Bowens, the mother of the missing 4-year-old, Meleah Davis is followed down the street by protesters
Brittany Bowens, the mother of the missing 4-year-old, Meleah Davis is followed down the street by protesters in Houston on May 13, 2019. (Karen Warren/Houston Chronicle via AP)
Quanell X walks out of the courtroom with Brittany Bowens in Houston
Brittany Bowens is hugged in Houston on May 13, 2019. ( Karen Warren/Houston Chronicle via AP)

And protesters outside court on May 13 shouted at Bowens, calling for her arrest, chanting “She let it happen” and “Brittany knew all along.”

At least some of the protesters were family members of Vence.

Tamisha Mendoza, a cousin of Maleah’s father, Craig Davis, said she questioned why Bowens stayed with Vence if she suspected he was hurting her daughter. “You’re just as guilty as [Vence]. She needs to be locked up along with him,” Mendoza said.

Video Shows Girl Smiling

A newly released video shows the missing girl smiling after undergoing brain surgery about six weeks before she went missing.

Bowens shared the video with KTRK.

In the footage, nurses wheel Maleah into a hospital room after the March surgery. Maleah smiles as she holds a balloon and everyone in the room starts cheering.

The video’s release came after the Houston Police Department announced an increased reward for the missing girl.

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said during a press conference on May 23 that a $5,000 reward is being offered for information that leads to the finding of Maleah while two people from Louisiana, Ronnie and Karen Bias, announced they were offering $10,000 for information on the case. Acevedo said that the pair is also known as uncle Dude and Nene.

Another $5,000 was offered by Crime Stoppers for information that leads to an arrest and prosecution in the case.

He also said that he hoped members of the public would submit tips to police to help them find Maleah’s body, as she is presumed dead.