Robot Bricklayer Builds UK Home
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The company’s Automatic Brick Laying Robot, nicknamed “Bob,” is laying bricks and mortar just like traditional bricklayers.

Hanging from a 30-foot-high frame, its robotic arm moves on a square-shaped track, placed around the home’s foundation.

The progress can be even monitored remotely. That means building directors can check the progress of their projects anywhere.

“The machine could take the architect’s plans and then we’ll create a digital version of it, so it knows where the windows are, it knows where the doors are, it knows where the lintels are, the tie bars, every detail of the house. So, as the machine goes on, it places the bricks, half bricks, full bricks in exactly the right place.”

Company director David Longbottom said bricklaying has been around thousands of years. He notes it’s one of the last industries that hasn’t yet embraced robotics.