NYC Theatergoer: Shen Yun’s Artistry Is ‘One of the Highest Levels in New York City’

April 16, 2024

Shen Yun Performing Arts sold out The David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center New York City on April 9 and 10. The company brings classical dance, music, and stories to life on stage, inspired by traditional culture from China’s five millennia of history.

Artist Hugh Sullivan, said “your designers are just incredible. And the way the girls moved and the use of the scarves and the dancing. I can’t believe the dancers. It’s a beautiful ballet. And of course, it’s traditional Chinese which we loved.”

Luisa Diaz, owner and founder of the Luisa Diaz Foundation, said “the gracefulness of the dancer and the romance of the stories. One of my favorite [pieces] so far is Devotion, and I love the history behind and the description of the sleeve, so kind of like the sleeves coming from divine and grace. I’m enjoying it, and learning so much about the beautiful culture of China.”

Andrew Jannetti, founder and artistic director of Andrew Jannetti & Dancers, said “there were so many elements about it, the singing and the music and the dancing and the level [of] the performance was really great. I would say it’s a very highly artistic show. The artistry is of the one of the highest levels in New York City especially.”

At the heart of Chinese culture is a deep-rooted belief in spirituality. Those values and traditions are also a pivotal part of Shen Yun’s storytelling.

Kaja Sokola, a psychologist, said: “I think it’s very spiritual and it’s very connected to God, and also the meaning of the backstories is so powerful. About the plum flower, about resilience and love and kindness. It is very close to me.”

Mr. Jannetti added that “to me it relates to all kinds of cultures, it relates to all other religions that have an image of a Creator, and a Creator that comes to say, to save you, the savior giving up something to save you. I think those are really universal themes. I think it’s great to see that professed in this environment through song and dance and music.”

Audience members said they resonated with principles like kindness, compassion, and truth.

William Langan, pastor at Saint John the Evangelist Parish, said: “the compassion, the truth, the mercy, all of that, that’s part of what I believe. And to see it performed on a stage like that, with the enthusiasm and people giving their lives to promote that was so uplifting for me because these performers are not just performers doing athletic and beautiful dancing. They’re believers. And you can see that belief, that faith coming through their performances.”

Ms. Sokola said: “the message about resilience. The message about kindness, about love, that gives us hope that there are still people or still a message of being kind and being good to others is out there. And I think it’s very important in the world today. This is not only a beautiful performance as an art show, but [there’s] also a message that it’s sending.”

Shen Yun will next perform five shows in Newark, New Jersey, from April 25–28.

NTD News, New York