Shen Yun Praised as a Performance That ‘Concentrates on the Highest and the Best of Humanity’

April 13, 2024

Shen Yun Performing Arts successfully closed the curtain on four performances at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California, from April 5–7. Audience members said they felt uplifted, while a few were even brought to tears.

“It was absolutely riveting. Beautiful, beautiful. It’s very nice to see a show that concentrates on the highest and the best of humanity,” said Adam Croasdell, an actor and a writer.

“There is a propensity these days to concentrate on the ugliness and the ultra-violence and the lowest humanity has to offer, and this is the opposite of that. It’s very uplifting and very culturally fascinating,” he added.

“Through dancing the dancers showed emotions, the stories and it was very believable. A few times I even cried so I was very touched about it, I would say. Very emotional,” said Marina Edwards, an actress, screenwriter, and director.

“I love the storytelling, physicality is incredible. I think physical comedy is a big thing for me, so when I see that in any capacity, it’s incredible. I just love how they can tell the story with their bodies and with the screen, I thought that the whole animation thing is amazing. I’m just loving it,” said Mason Smajstrla, a comedian and an actor.

“It was a beautiful experience of lights and colors and classical dancing. And the costuming and effects were a wonderful combination,” said Sharon Desiree, an actress.

Shen Yun’s mission is to revive China’s 5,000 years of civilization and values, a culture believed to be inspired by the divine. The company showcases that message through traditional Chinese dance, music, and legends.

Mr. Smajstrla believes that these ancient values Shen Yun presents are also important in the world of today.

“We need more compassion and kindness in the world now more than ever. And I think that if we all just loved more and maybe danced more, and wore flowy clothes and long sleeves we would all have a better world. I’m here for it,” he said.

“What it told me was, we block ourselves from growing spiritually through our worldly thoughts. You got to let those thoughts go, we’ll grow as people, grow spiritually,” said Johnny Walker, the senior business consultant at International Services.

“Family, love, God, respect, I picked up on all that. And I appreciated it,” said John Alle, a founding member of the Santa Monica Coalition.

For many, Shen Yun was more than just a performance. Audience members deeply appreciated their efforts.

“It’s possible to show the best of human nature and also the incorporation of the divine and human[ity],” said Mr. Croasdell. “This is extremely refreshing without being too didactic about it. It’s very entertaining, yet very transporting in the highest way.”

“It was very interesting the way the Asian influences were displayed on stage, both with the backgrounds and the dance techniques. I found it very inspiring,” said Mark Devlin, the creative director at Mark Devlin Visual Design.

“It’s amazing how it keeps your brain just engaged in the performance. It’s just very fast paced and keeps you wanting more,” said Lauri Sachs, the executive assistant at Cube Vision.

Rebecca Webb, a piano instructor, said Shen Yun’s performance has touched her deeply.

“It was amazing, I kind of want to go home and cry as I think about it. It was very moving.”

Shen Yun will perform at the Chester Fritz Auditorium in Grand Forks, North Dakota, on April 14.

NTD News, Hollywood