St. Louis Couple Who Brandished Guns Say They Were Victims of Terrorism

The St. Louis couple who were seen brandishing their guns in videos that have since gone viral said that they were victims of terrorism.

During an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Mark McCloskey, the St. Louis homeowner, said that his life was ruined after video of him and his wife defending their home with their weapons went viral online.

“They were coming at us until I displayed the weapon and that’s what stopped them,” McCloskey said, adding that he was in fear for his life and grabbed his weapon after the large group of protestors marched onto their private street.

He added that riots in St. Louis on June 2, where buildings were burned and looted on national television for over 40 minutes before any police or help showed up, made him believe he and his family were in danger.

McCloskey also described the incident as a bout of “social intimidation,” and that he was the victim of terrorism.

“What’s the definition of terrorism? To use violation and intimidation to frighten the public. That’s what was happening that night, that’s what happened to me—the damaged I suffered,” McCloskey said when asked if anything happened to him and his family, during the interview.

“Any pretense of protest, as opposed to terrorism, ended when they broke through that gate,” McCloskey said, referring to the gate that separates the private gated community he lives in from public property.

McCloskey said he was preparing to have dinner with his family when they heard the commotion coming from outside. Protestors opened the gates, which have signs that say “private street” and “no trespassing” on them, and entered the property, according to video of the event.

The incident occurred as protesters were heading toward Democratic St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson’s home to demand that she resign after she read the names and addresses of activists who called to defund the city’s police department.

However, McCloskey told Cuomo that the mayor’s home isn’t accessible through the gated neighborhood. He added that the mob was passing through with the intention of making as much ruckus as possible. McCloskey also said that although he didn’t know it at the time, the group that organized this protest is called “Expect Us” and prior to the protest, the group made a post saying the goal is not to have a peaceful protest, but to make it as disruptive as possible.

Epoch Times Writer Jack Phillips contributed to this article.