#WalkAway Documentary Premieres in Harlem: Blacks Walk Away From Divisive Ideologies

Miguel Moreno
By Miguel Moreno
March 30, 2019US News

The #WalkAway Campaign documentary “The Great Awakening: Breaking the Chains of the Democratic Party” premiered in Harlem, New York, on March 27. After the premiere, the theatre turned into a town hall-style panel discussion, featuring Angela King, Hotep Jesus, David J. Harris Jr., and others.

“In 2016, I voted for Hilary Clinton … because as a gay man, I always believed the messages that I got from the liberal media,” said Brandon Straka, founder of the campaign. “And the liberal media loves to target minority groups in America … and what they do is they tell us time and time again that we are in danger, that we are hated by people on the right … and that no amount of hard work or motivational action will ever allow us to overcome that victimhood: well that’s a lie.”

The documentary consists of a montage of testimonies from black Americans who walked away from the liberal left. They one day understood the divisive, deceitful, and racial political strategies they were subjected to by the media and politicians. History told them the truth; and those facts were enough to realign their beliefs from left to right.

Misconceptions and Hidden History in Black America

A section of the documentary was devoted to the history of the Democratic Party and its affiliation with the Ku-Klux-Klan and its support of segregation. Also mentioned was its connection with “planned parenthood”—the creation of progressive socialist Margaret Sanger, initiator of “The Negro Project”: an effort to eliminate the poor and “inferior” blacks in the rural South.

“There has been a huge, huge effort to hide the true history of the Democratic Party,” said one of the featured Americans. Another said: “I grew up believing that the Ku-Klux-Klux clan was probably Republican.”

Covered in pale light and surrounded by ominous music, the audience applauded a testimonial accrediting the abolishment of slavery to the first Republican president: Abraham Lincoln. Other topics such as modern-day plantations, the police, faith, and President Donald J. Trump were covered, revealing the divisive strategies of the left and its promotion of socialist and communist ideologies.

‘Thank God, I Became a Free Thinker’

“You know, for a long time I had felt like I was by myself, like I was the only black person that was a conservative Republican in the hood,” said one of the featured Americans. “I am liberated in my conservatism,” said another, nearing the end of the documentary.

The panel discussion began with each panelist giving a brief description of themselves, their conservative values, and why some of them walked away from the liberal left. Hotep Jesus was last to take the mic.

“But my whole thing with riding with Trump has always been just that fact that he’s anti-media. And like I said, I think the media always lies to us; it always perpetrates something.”

Hotep Jesus has been educating himself on politics for the past three years because he felt that in the past, he accepted anything he was told. For example, he was told to not vote for Republicans because they are supposedly racist—no questions asked.

In an interview with NTD News, audience member Charlotte Lytle said, “I think the open discussion is what people need to have. If they don’t have that open discussion, then we’re all just gonna be close-minded.”

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