Can Lives and Economy Be Both Saved? Will the CCP Be Held Accountable for Early Coverup?

The number of confirmed CCP virus cases reached over 40,000 in the U.S. and 100 people died in a single day on March 23 for the first time. Yet China reported two days of 0 new cases nationwide over the last week. Hubei province, the epicenter of China, reported 0 new cases in the last five day. While the State of New York, the equivalent of Hubei province in America, reported 4,812 new cases just on March 23.

What do these numbers mean? What is really happening in China?

President Trump is considering easing social distancing after the 15 days in an attempt to save the economy. Is this the right approach? Can lives and economy be saved at the same time?

Secretary Pompeo said in a State Department press briefing that regarding the CCP’s early cover up, America will take after-actions when time is right. What does that mean? What after-action could the US take?

In this episode of Zooming In, Simone discussed these questions with retired US Air Force brigadier General Robert Spalding.

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