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Facts Matter (April 20): CDC Says Mask Mandate No Longer in Effect, DOJ Files Appeal in Federal Court

Last week, the Biden administration made two simultaneously astonishing moves. On the one hand, the CDC suddenly decided to extend the mask mandate, citing the fact that they believe COVID-19 is a danger to society.

However, that very same week, the Biden administration also announced that they would be scrapping Title 42, the emergency health measure keeping illegal migrants from coming into the country due to COVID.

However, this didn’t last long, given that a federal judge just issued a court order and officially rescinded the federal government’s mask mandate for travel.

Although, the Biden administration just came out and said that they will very likely be appealing this decision as soon as the CDC gets back to them.

And so, in order to make sense of what’s really happening, we spoke with Dr. Ben Carson, who has a very unique perspective given the fact that he is both a world-renowned doctor as well as a former top-level government official.

We discussed the mandates, the biomedical security state that America seems to be turning into, as well as the reality behind the large number of adverse events coming about after the government’s mass vaccination program.

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