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Facts Matter (April 7): 10K New Pfizer Docs Reveals FDA Knew Natural Immunity Works, Vaccine Fertility Effects UNKNOWN

Around a week ago, the FDA released its second trove of documents related to its authorization of the Pfizer vaccine. And within them, there are three interesting points that I believe are worth discussing.

The first has to do with the fact that according to the data, natural immunity proved to be as effective as the vaccine in terms of both preventing infections as well as preventing hospitalizations. And this was something that both Pfizer and the FDA knew for quite a long time.

Secondly, according to one of the forms that were released as a part of this trove of documents, the incidence of myocarditis was a lot higher than previously reported.

Lastly, the documents appear to show that something called an antibody-dependent enhancement response could not have been ruled out by Pfizer, even though since the vaccine was approved, it has been branded as a conspiracy theory.


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