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Facts Matter (April 25): Over 60K Voters on Rolls Are Dead, or Registered Twice: NC Report; Ballot Harvesting Lawsuit in WI

With the midterm elections right around the corner, the topic of election integrity is more important than ever before.

Along that line, an election watchdog group recently finished auditing the North Carolina voter rolls and uncovered close to 8,000 dead voters, as well as approximately 55,000 duplicate voters either registered more than once in North Carolina or registered in multiple states.

Meanwhile, in Wisconsin, a city clerk has just been sued for her alleged role in an illegal absentee ballot harvesting scheme.

This is very relevant now since the “2000 Mules” film is premiering next week and is sure to re-ignite the discussion surrounding ballot harvesting and how it impacts the sanctity of the ballots box.



North Carolina:

North Carolina Report:


Wisconsin Lawsuit:

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