Opera Singers in Germany Marvel at Shen Yun

Opera Singers in Germany Marvel at Shen Yun

Samuel Youn, an award-winning opera singer, saw Shen Yun in Cologne, Germany, on Jan. 11, 2022. (NTD)


Shen Yun Performing Arts finished its five performances in Cologne, Germany, this week.

Samuel Youn, a well-known South Korean bass-baritone who lives and works in Germany, attended its last performance.

“This music and dance can truly inspire people around the world,” he said.

Youn is one of the most sought-after singers in his field worldwide, starting his singing career in 1999 at the Cologne Opera.

He was impressed with the production: “It was a very great art, I really like the dance and the music.”

Shen Yun is dedicated to preserving and reviving the fine art of the bel canto singing technique in this day and age.

Youn said he was deeply impressed by the tenor and the soprano.

“That was a special sound from the tenor. And the soprano too—both of them had very good voices, extraordinarily bright voices,” said Youn.

“What I noticed was that there was almost no vibrato in the whole technique and the voice flowed smoothly,” said Jan Schulenburg, a bass-baritone from Aalto Theater in Essen.

He says he was not only attracted by the voices, but the whole production was eye-opening.

“The presentation of the instruments is very beautiful, almost like a film score that still captures the tones [of each instrument],” he added. “The performance showed me a new art form that I have never experienced before, and I would definitely recommend Shen Yun to people.”

“During this pandemic time, it is very difficult to see artists on stage,” said Youn. “And these beautiful, extraordinary physical movements that Shen Yun shows, that was really wonderful. They really bring emotions to people around the world with this art.”

Shen Yun starts it’s tour in France this weekend.

NTD News, Cologne, Germany

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