Ring With More Than 12,000 Diamonds Sets Guinness World Record

There’s a new Guinness world record for the largest number of diamonds on a single ring: it’s 12,638. It breaks the previous record by nearly five thousand diamonds.

Harshit Bansal, Founder of Renani Jewels in Meerut, India, set the new record with this impressive design on December 21st. The ring is named the marigold, or “The ring of prosperity.” It has a circular band with an ornate floral design, weighs nearly six ounces—and the stones are 38-carat natural diamonds.

Guinness world records say all the diamonds are conflict-free.

Bansal says he was first inspired to break the diamond-studded record in 2018, while studying jewelry design in Surat, India. Two years later, his company completed the ring design.

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