Dancer: ‘Uplifted and Inspired to Go Forth Being Better’

December 28, 2023

Shen Yun Performing Arts wrapped up its first 3 performances in Houston, Texas, on Dec. 27 at the Jones Hall for the Performing Arts.

Professional dancer and model Brooke Ashlynd says Shen Yun has “some of the best technique” she’s seen, and called it “top of the line.” She said, “I love it. I love a good technical performance. I also like how much morality is brought into the performance.”

“It’s very elegant and it’s different from a lot of the modern companies and things that are going on today so it’s really nice,” she added. “I very much felt inspired to leave a better person. Again back to the morality part. I really liked how much they emphasized kindness and being there for your fellow man and just kind of bringing humanity back into the everyday. It was really nice to see it at Christmas time too.”

Jennilyn Merten, a filmmaker, said “I thought the performance was brilliant.”

“It was very athletic but also really motivational and very lyrical,” she said. “I loved the dancing and the acrobatics. But I also loved the storytelling, the messaging. The sort of message of kindness and thoughtfulness.”

She emphasized “how important a story is. Why do we tell ourselves stories? To figure out who we are and what is good in the world.”

The mission of Shen Yun Performing Arts is to revive China’s traditional culture from before communism. Shen Yun can be translated into English as: “The beauty of divine beings dancing.”

The award-winning producer said that she loved the way different scenes captured different eras, styles, and feelings.

Ms. Merten said, “And we’re not only learning about Chinese culture but getting a sense that we were becoming part of it, by participating in this event. You know and being part of helping maintain that line of history, and pulling that story together.”

Jatin Verma, a director of software engineering at Oracle said, “For me coming from a different culture, and coming over here today, I learned something new. I learned the history about a culture, I learned about what you see on the T.V. and what you see in the plays are different things.”

“So it was really informational, educational, and also peaceful for me,” he added.

“I felt like I’m leaving in a really good mood,” Ms. Merten said. “Just the sense of people pulling together to make something beautiful. And that just beauty itself is an important goal. And I think the other thing was just a sense of good in the world.”

“I think we’ve become so divisive. And the show really was a really beautiful reminder to treat each other better,” she added.

“It was very energetic, the performers were really good. I would definitely come back and see it again,” Mr. Verma said.

“It was really nice,” said Ms. Ashlynd.” I just feel very uplifted and inspired to go forth being better.”

NTD News Houston, Texas