Speeding Lamborghini Crashes Jeep, Two Young Dead

By Samuel Allegri

Two young people, Joel David White, 25, and Luiza Vaagnovna Karakhanyan, 19, lost their lives in a car crash in Encino at about 7:14 p.m. on May 16.

The Lamborghini, which was almost unrecognizable after hitting a 2018 Jeep Cherokee, crashed into trees and broke into parts before catching on fire, reported KTLA.

Officials said that the Lamborghini was going at 100 mph and above, and the crash against the Jeep caused White to lose control. He was thrown out by the inertia out from the car.

A witness of the crash told KTLA that she saw one of the passengers under the car.

A commenter on the Fox 11 Facebook report of the accident said that his wife saw the car minutes before the tragedy, and that she felt very bad because she knew there was nothing she could do.

“My wife came home in tears last night after she witnessed this just minutes after it happened. She saw the passed driver and knew there was nothing she could do, which is one of the worst feelings. No matter what you drive, think about your loved ones before doing anything that could endanger your or other’s lives.” said Brian Lovelace.

“Lamborghini is the red arrow, the white arrow is the Jeep turning into the sports center,” he continued. “That curve is pretty blind so there’s no way either of the drivers could have seen each other especially with the Lamborghini going so fast. My wife told me that the Jeep was pretty much barely hit at all in the front, probably a matter of inches determined the fate of the couple in the Lamborghini. So sad and so preventable. All my wife could say is how young he looked. So so tragic. It’s even more sad that people in the comments here are making fun of the driver. We’ve all done stupid things at some point in our lives, what is tragic is that these two young people’s lives got taken from one stupid decision. I feel so deeply sad for the families of these two… Nobody should ever have to go through this.”

He added a picture that was the view the driver had before the crash.

“This view is what the Lamborghini would have seen going down just seconds before the crash. The turn in to the sports center from westbound traffic isn’t even visible because of the trees… This road is even known for not being well cruised by the police.” said Lovelace.

Some people stopped to see if they could help, one woman seemed to have been caressing the head and holding the hand of one of the dead passengers, Janie Landeros told KTLA.

“Horrific, I was devastated,” she said while holding back her tears, adding, “You could see the flames. The traffic was backed up. You could see the car but you couldn’t tell what type of car it was.”

The torn-up wreckage was hauled away overnight, and some debris remained around the side of the road.

The Cherokee Jeep driver suffered minor injuries and stayed to cooperate with the investigators.

Anyone with information is asked to call Officer Garcia at 818-644-8117 or Crime Stoppers at 877-527-3247.