Ukraine Bioweapons Funded by US? Russia’s Accusation Explained

Are there bioweapon labs in Ukraine, or not? Amid rumors from Russia, how are the United States and Ukraine responding to the claims?

Tens of millions are stranded at home in China. A pandemic outbreak there is causing a snag for global Apple iPhone buyers.

In Shanghai, healthy people, including children and pregnant women, are being held in quarantine alongside confirmed virus patients. That’s as 50,000 people live through a nightmare at a beauty expo.

In the Indo-Pacific region, a U.S. ally says it’s willing to open military bases to American troops, at any time if necessary.

Also in the region, Australia embraces a new method to counter Beijing’s expansion, while Europe is scrambling to reduce its dependence on other countries, including China.

The West is facing one of its biggest dependency problems head-on: how batteries for electric cars are mostly built in China.

Plummeting stock prices and massive layoffs are occurring all after a potentially record fine hits China’s biggest social media firm, amid Beijing’s latest clampdown.

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