US ‘Kind of Helped Lead the Devastation in Venezuela’ and the ‘Bullying’ Does Not Help Either Country: Rep. Omar

By Samuel Allegri

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) maintained that the United States’ “bullying” of Venezuela with sanctions led to the collapse of Venezuela under the socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro.

Omar stated in an interview for DemocracyNow that: “You know, I mean, a lot of the policies that we have put in place has [sic] kind of helped lead the devastation in Venezuela, and we’ve sort of set the stage for where we’re arriving today.” She then continued, “This particular bullying and the use of sanctions to eventually intervene and make regime change really does not help the people of countries like Venezuela, and it certainly does not help and is not in the interest of the United States.”

Venezuela is going through its worst hardship in history: a broken economy, humanitarian distress, and political chaos after two decades under a socialist government.

Maduro’s term was up in January when the National Assembly denounced unlawful elections and had the new interim president step in: Juan Guaidó.

Omar condemns international support for Guaidó and called the backing of his efforts a “coup.”

Omar wrote on Jan. 24 on Twitter, “A U.S. backed coup in Venezuela is not a solution to the dire issues they face, Trump’s efforts to install a far right opposition will only incite violence and further destabilize the region. We Must support Mexico, Uruguay, & the Vatican’s efforts to facilitate a peaceful dialogue.”

Omar calls Guaidó’s party “far right” even though it’s part of the Socialist International group. She supports Maduro in his opposition to the 54 countries who accept Guaidó as the legitimate leader of Venezuela, according to PanAm Post.