Vice President Pence celebrates Infrastructure Week at luncheon

Vice President Pence reiterated President Trump’s commitment to rebuilding America’s infrastructure on June 8. He spoke to governors, mayors, and public servants at a working luncheon.

Pence is a former governor of Indiana. He knows what good infrastructure can bring to states and cities.

“It’s about working families trying to get their kids to school safely and efficiently. It’s about small businesses and family farms trying to get their goods to the market. It’s about ending wait times at airports and train stations so commuters can get to work and lead more productive lives. It’s about opening the floodgates for affordable American energy — the lifeblood of American growth,” he said. “This president knows that good infrastructure means good jobs, growth, opportunity, and prosperity. But as all of you well know, our nation’s infrastructure is in a truly sorry state.”  

The United States is currently ranked 12th in best infrastructure in the world.

Pence said that is unacceptable.

“America built the Erie Canal and the Golden Gate Bridge. America built the Transcontinental Railroad and the Interstate Highway System. Americans have always built the monuments to progress that inspire and endure. And under the leadership of President Donald Trump, America is going to build like never before,” said the vice president. “Our administration is working to craft a truly historic infrastructure package. And it’s going to be big.”

President Trump wants to invest a trillion dollars into infrastructure. He plans to fund that through a private-public partnership.

Earlier this week, Trump announced a plan to fix America’s air traffic control system so that air travel can be cheaper, faster, and safer. He spoke again on June 7 in Cincinnati, Ohio, about the importance of boosting infrastructure.