Chinese Firm Buys 1,400 Acres of Land in Florida

Tiffany Meier
By Tiffany Meier
September 27, 2022China in Focusshare

A U.S.-based group is tied to both China and White House climate goals.

A Chinese biofirm is buying 1,400 acres of land in Florida. But its leadership holds links to the Chinese military.

A U.S. ship has a surprise encounter with several Chinese and Russian naval vessels off Alaska’s coast.

A NASA researcher is pleading guilty to hiding connections to Beijing. His studies were useful for boosting military development.

Protests are breaking out in China. Residents in one city say they’ve had enough of lockdowns and are speaking out.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Group Working w/ White House on Climate Has Ties to CCP
  2. Chinese Firm Buys 1,400 Acres of Land in Florida
  3. China Tries to Lobby Lawmakers on Drugs
  4. U.S. Spots Chinese, Russian Ships near Alaska
  5. 80% of South American Fishing Done by China
  6. Apple Shifting iPhone Production to India
  7. NASA Researcher Pleads Guilty to China Ties Deception
  8. Chicago Graduate Student Convicted: Spying for China
  9. Shenzhen Locals Speak Out Against Lockdown Mandate
  10. Shenzhen: Residents Break Barriers Amid Lockdown
  11. China: Protests Break Out Over Lockdown Orders
  12. Connor Boyack: Empower Kids Against Marxist Thinking

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