Elite of Australia Appreciate Shen Yun Choreographers


On the evening of 27 April 2017, the first performance of Shen Yun New York Company at the  Adelaide Festival Centre, the capital city of South Australia, attracted many mainstream elites. Mr. Andrew Bush, the National Secretary of Better Hearing, expressed that he was deeply touched by the Chinese divine culture.

“It’s very well put together and it conveys some of the metaphors that come out of Chinese culture and it does it very well and I like that. It is amazing at how precise they performed and how in every one of the performances, they are all together. You don’t see anyone out of step, which is amazing,” said Mr. Bush.

He added, “the more people, Australians see the show, they will appreciate the history of China, the richness of the Chinese culture and benefit from it too. I find it staggering, amazing and beyond belief that the Chinese government doesn’t want to promote a 5,200-year-old history of its people and its culture and its beliefs.”

Andrew has collected Shen Yun music DVD every year, which he has treasured as precious art works.

“The music is magnificent, the combination of Western and Eastern music together is superb. I think the music of your Shen Yun shows is so good that I have two lots of music from the shows—2014 was one of them, then 2015 and 2016, this is my third year of seeing the show.”

Andrew thanks the Shen Yun choreographer who has created and brought such a beautiful spiritually feast to the Australian audiences.

“Thank you, thank you to the orchestra, to the conductor and thank you to the performance because it is a remarkably colourful culturally educational experience thank you for putting it together for bringing it to Australia every single year and also thank you for doing a different show every year because it gives a bit more knowledge about Chinese culture and Chinese history and we learn more of it and I think it is a good thing.”

Andrew said that he will come to watch Shen Yun show every year.

“I will certainly see it again next year by next year. I’ll certainly tell my son. They need to see it but they haven’t been able to yet. And the other thing I make sure happens it my brother and his wife will see the show next year. It’s very worthwhile, my cousins went to see it in Sydney this year and they were ecstatic, it was amazing and they couldn’t thank me enough for giving them tickets, they really enjoyed it.”

NTD News, Adelaide, Australia


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