Fresh Produce Company Recalls Apples Due to Listeria Concerns

By Alan Cheung

North Bay Produce Inc., a fruit and vegetable producer, recalled over 2,000 cases and two bulk bins of fresh apples due to possible listeria contamination.

The apples recalled include McIntosh, Honeycrisp, Jonathan, Fuji, Jonamac, and Red Delicious apples, according to North Bay Produce Inc. (pdf).

(North Bay Produce Inc.)

They were sold in branded plastics bags with the labels “Great Lakes, North Bay Produce Pure Michigan” as well as unbranded in clear plastic tote bags, white paper tote bags, and individually from retailers’ display trays.

(North Bay Produce Inc.)
(North Bay Produce Inc.)

The recalled apples were shipped to retailers in eight states between Oct. 16 and Oct. 21.

The states were: Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, North Carolina, Texas, and Wisconsin.

Any apples shipped before Oct. 16 aren’t affected and all other North Bay Produce products are reportedly unaffected, according to North Bay Produce Inc.

North Bay Produce Inc. warned customers to not consume the listed apples above and instead discard or return them to where they were bought.

The recall was issued when the company conducted a finished product test that resulted in the detection of an organism.

After the results were known, the production and distribution of the apples was ceased and a cooperative investigation with the Food and Drug Administration began.

North Bay Produce Inc. also stated that they have contacted all commercial retailers to ensure they remove the recalled apples from their shelves.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that listeria causes listeriosis, which is classified as a serious infection.

“An estimated 1,600 people get listeriosis each year, and about 260 die. The infection is most likely to sicken pregnant women and their newborns, adults aged 65 or older, and people with weakened immune systems,” the agency states.