Getting to the Truth of the 2020 Election: 2.1 Million Votes to Be Recounted in Maricopa County Election Audit

The first full forensic audit for the 2020 election began in Maricopa Country, Arizona, on April 23, despite overwhelming opposition. Even with the audit now in full swing, the attempts to obstruct it continue. Democrats have labored fiercely to stop it from the beginning. This could be because, if the results show significant interference in the election, it could lead to prosecutions at the state level, federal level, or both.

After surviving extensive legal assaults from Democrats, the audit has been permitted to proceed, for now. But according to attorney Alex Kolodin who represented the lead auditing firm, the audit is not completely out of danger yet—Democrats are likely to have further legal tricks up their sleeves.

Why is it important for America that this audit happens? And why are there such fierce attempts to try and stop it?

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