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December 1, 2022
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December 1, 2022
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December 1, 2022
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December 1, 2022
Debunking Evolution
December 1, 2022
Awesome Science
December 1, 2022
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November 21, 2022
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November 21, 2022
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November 21, 2022
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The Heavens Declare (Episode 2): The Origin of the Universe Part 2
The Heavens Declare (Episode 3): Challenges to the Big Bang Part1
The Heavens Declare (Episode 4): Challenges to the Big Bang Part2
The Heavens Declare (Episode 5): The Starlight Travel Dilemma Part1
The Heavens Declare (Episode 6): The Starlight Travel Dilemma Part2
The Heavens Declare (Episode 7): Our Amazing Solar System Part1
The Heavens Declare (Episode 8): Our Amazing Solar System Part2
The Heavens Declare (Episode 9): Our Incredible Sun
The Heavens Declare (Episode 10): Our Wonderful Moon Part1
The Heavens Declare (Episode 11): Our Wonderful Moon Part2
The Heavens Declare (Episode 12): The Law of Gravity Part1
Dino Hunter (Episode 2): Digging for Dinosaur Soft Tissue
Dino Hunter (Episode 3): High Tech Dinosaur Digging
Science Foundations (Episode 1): The Four States of Matter
Science Foundations (Episode 2): Two Forms of Energy
Science Foundations (Episode 3): Newton’s First Law of Motion
Science Foundations (Episode 4): Newton’s Second Law of Motion
Science Foundations (Episode 5): Newton’s Third Law of Motion
Science Foundations (Episode 6): The First Law of Thermodynamics
Science Foundations (Episode 7): The Second Law of Thermodynamics
Science Foundations (Episode 8): The Third Law of Thermodynamics
Science Foundations (Episode 9): Ways Light is Observed
Science Foundations (Episode 10): The Ways Heat Flows
Science Foundations (Episode 11): Measurements of Electricity
Science Foundations (Episode 12): The Four Types of Tissue
Science Foundations (Episode 13): Bones that Make up the Axial Skeleton
Science Foundations (Episode 14): Viruses & Staying Healthy
Flood Geology Series(Episode 1): Mount St. Helens
Flood Geology Series (Episode 2): The Great Ice Age Part1
Flood Geology Series (Episode 3): The Great Ice Age Part2
Flood Geology Series (Episode 4): The Great Ice Age Part3
Flood Geology Series (Episode 5): The Great Ice Age Part4
Flood Geology Series (Episode 6): The Missoula Flood Part1
Flood Geology Series (Episode 7): The Missoula Flood Part2
Flood Geology Series (Episode 8): The Missoula Flood Part3
Flood Geology Series (Episode 9):  Receding Floodwaters Part1
Flood Geology Series (Episode 10):  Receding Floodwaters Part2
Flood Geology Series (Episode 11):  Receding Floodwaters Part3
Flood Geology Series (Episode 12):  Receding Floodwaters Part4
Debunking Evolution (Episode 1): Debunking Evolution Part1
Debunking Evolution (Episode 2): Debunking Evolution Part2
Debunking Evolution (Episode 3): Debunking Evolution Part3
Debunking Evolution (Episode 4): Debunking Evolution Part4
Debunking Evolution (Episode 5): Debunking Evolution Part5
Awesome Science (Episode 1): Explore the Grand Canyon
Awesome Science (Episode 2): Explore Yellowstone
Awesome Science (Episodes 3): Explore Meteor Crater & Petrified Forest National Park
Awesome Science (Episodes 4): Explore Zion & Yosemite
Awesome Science (Episodes 5): Explore Mount St. Helens Part1
Awesome Science (Episodes 6): Explore Mount St. Helens Part2
Awesome Science (Episodes 7): Explore the John Day Fossil Beds
Awesome Science (Episodes 8): Explore Glacier National Park
Awesome Science (Episodes 9): Explore Rocky Mountain National Park
Awesome Science (Episodes 10): Explore Dinosaur National Monument
Awesome Science (Episodes 11): Explore The Mammoth Site
Awesome Science (Episodes 12): Explore Arches National Park & Natural Bridges National Monument Part1
Awesome Science (Episodes 13): Explore Arches National Park & Natural Bridges National Monument Part2
Awesome Science (Episodes 14): Explore Mesa Verde & Chaco Ruins Part1
Awesome Science (Episodes 15): Explore Mesa Verde & Chaco Ruins Part2
Phil Magness: When the Keepers of History Are Cowards
Landmark 2022 SCOTUS Session and Struggle for Personal Freedom in the US—With Joe Wolverton
How I Became a Great Big Sister | Little Lady & Friends Episode 1
The Secret to a Perfect Friendship Bracelet | Little Lady & Friends Episode 2
What It Takes to Be a Good Dancer | Little Lady & Friends Episode 3
How I Gave Grandma the Best Birthday Present Ever | Little Lady & Friends Episode 4
StoryCraft: How to Make Grandma’s Favorite Gingerbread Cookies | Little Lady & Friends Episode 5
StoryCraft: A Fascinating History Of The Gingerbread Cookie | Little Lady & Friends Episode 6
How My Cousin Became the Greatest General Ever | Story About General Mu | Little Lady & Friends Episode 7
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Episode 1: Italy—San Martino Alfieri Palace
Episode 2: France – Le Lude Castle
Episode 3: Germany – St. Emmeram Castle
Episode 4: Denmark – Tranekær Castle
Episode 5: Austria – Riegersburg Castle
Episode 6: Great Britain – Chillingham Castle
Episode 7: Italy – Scipione Castle
Episode 8: Spain – El Rincón
Episode 9: Belgium – Hex Castle
Episode 10: Hungary – Tokaj
Episode 11: Romania – at the Romanian Royal Court
Episode 12: India – Jaipur
Episode 13: Austria – Artstetten Castle
Episode 14: Sweden – Skarhult Castle
The Secret World of Herbs: In the Alps (Episode 1)
The Secret World of Herbs: In the Balkans (Episode 2)
The Secret World of Herbs: In India (Episode 3)
The Secret World of Herbs: In Latin America (Episode 4)
The Secret World of Herbs: In Provence (Episode 5)